Grace Ibitamuno

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The RV144 trial demonstrated 31% vaccine efficacy at preventing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infection. Antibodies against the HIV-1 envelope variable loops 1 and 2 (Env V1 and V2) correlated inversely with infection risk. We proposed that vaccine-induced immune responses against V1/V2 would have a selective effect against, or sieve, HIV-1(More)
UNLABELLED The RV144 HIV-1 vaccine trial demonstrated partial efficacy of 31% against HIV-1 infection. Studies into possible correlates of protection found that antibodies specific to the V1 and V2 (V1/V2) region of envelope correlated inversely with infection risk and that viruses isolated from trial participants contained genetic signatures of(More)
  • T Hertz, A Gartland, +38 authors JH Kim
  • Retrovirology
  • 2012
T-cell based sieve analysis ties HLA A*02 to vaccine efficacy and IgA-C1 immune correlate in RV144 Thai trial T Hertz, A Gartland, H Janes, S Li, Y Fong, GD Tomaras, D Morris, D Geraghty, GH Kijak, PT Edlefsen, M Rolland, BB Larsen, S Tovanabutra, E Sanders-Buell, AC DeCamp, CA Magaret, H Ahmed, S Nariya, K Wong, H Zhao, W Deng, BS Maust, M Bose, S Howell,(More)
Results The mean pairwise AA diversity among the 66 SIVMAC251 Env sequences was 0.38%, and they differed from the vaccine strain SIV SME543 (Env) by 21.94%. The repeated low-dose challenge resulted in infections with an average of 1.7 founder variants with no evidence that the vaccine restricted the number of variants (p = 0.813). We explored whether the(More)
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