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Traditionally, program comprehension functionality is implemented with stand-alone tools. As a result, software engineers typically have to switch between various tools during comprehension activities. Each of these tools has its own idiosyncratic user interface and interaction paradigm, causing an unfavorable learning curve. As a result, many program(More)
  • G. Gui
  • 2006 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2006
In software component reuse processing, the success of software systems is decided by the quality of components. One important characteristic to measure quality of components is component reusability. Component reusability measures how easily the component can be reused in a new environment. This paper provides a new measure of cohesion developed to assess(More)
Software complexity and software testing are interrelated and important aspects of software development. For testing issue we can relate software testing to measurable quantities like coupling, cohesion etc. in order to measure and understand complexity. Most of the applications are developed using existing source code. This code is named as component in(More)
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