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N-Glycosylation of membrane proteins is critical for their proper folding, co-assembly and subsequent matriculation through the secretory pathway. Here, we examine the kinetics of N-glycan addition to type I transmembrane KCNE1 K(+) channel β-subunits, where point mutations that prevent N-glycosylation at one consensus site give rise to disorders of the(More)
Post-translational modifications of the KCNQ1–KCNE1 (Kv7) K+ channel complex are vital for regulation of the cardiac IKs current and action potential duration. Here, we show the KCNE1 regulatory subunit is O-glycosylated with mucin-type glycans in vivo. As O-linked glycosylation sites are not recognizable by sequence gazing, we designed a novel set of(More)
In this paper, we develop a deterministic UWB multipath channel model based on time-domain uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (TD-UTD) technique. The solution includes the three basic ray mechanisms of geometrical optics (GO) and UTD, i.e., directed ray, multi-reflected rays from lossy surfaces, and diffracted ray from lossy edge. Since the analysis(More)
Golden shiners are a type of schooling fish that naturally prefer darkness. It had long been believed that individual golden shiners, or at least some of them in a school, could sense the light gradients in the environment, until recently Berdahl et al. [2013] disproved it. In fact, each individual golden shiner does not know where it is dark. Neither does(More)
Background: A whole-person representation captures not only patient problems but also patient strengths. To better understand and inform practice of person-centered care and documentation using a whole-person representation, a critical review of literature was conducted of the current state of patient problems and strengths documentation in electronic(More)
BACKGROUND Big data and cutting-edge analytic methods in nursing research challenge nurse scientists to extend the data sources and analytic methods used for discovering and translating knowledge. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to identify, analyze, and synthesize exemplars of big data nursing research applied to practice and disseminated in key(More)
SPECIAL CONSIDERATION Pressing needs have emerged to promote diabetes care in China along with its strong economic growth. As a major global health issue, diabetes is now becoming the world’s biggest epidemic in China. With 92 million people suffering diabetes, China has the most diabetes cases worldwide.1 Multi-partnership through global efforts has been(More)
There is a lack of information exchange for patients utilizing complementary and alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with conventional western medicine. Siloed health information can lead to potential problems for safe, quality care and optimal health. The Continuity of Care Document (CCD) is intended to be a subset of(More)