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Species inventory and distribution patterns of freshwater amphipods in Moldova
Amphipod fauna of Moldova remains one of the least known in Europe with the most recent data upon species distribution being already almost 50 years old. In this paper, we summarize the knowledgeExpand
My Mark Twain: Old Man River
Flowing across his pages, the Mississippi River inextricably winds itself through Mark Twain’s canon. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that my image of Clemens, my Mark Twain, is as aExpand
Spatial and temporal segregation of spawning habitat by catostomids in the Savannah River , Georgia and South Carolina ,
Spawning aggregations of five species of catostomids were observed on the two mid-channel gravel bars of the Savannah River, Georgia and South Carolina, in 2004 and 2005 to assess the degree ofExpand
Palaeomagnetism of some De vo nian car bon ates from the Holy Cross Mts . ( Cen tral Po land ) : large pre-Permian ro ta tions or strain mod i fied palaeomagnetic directions ?
Palaeomagnetic stud ies of Mid dle and Up per De vo nian car bon ate rocks in the Holy Cross Mts. (Cen tral Po land, SW fore land of the East Eu ro pean Craton — EEC) in volved sam ples from theExpand
She's A Brick House: August Wilson and the Stereotypes of Black Womanhood
In his Century Cycle of plays, August Wilson tells ten distinct stories of families in or linked to the Hill District, an African American community in Pittsburgh; one play taking place in eachExpand