Grażyna Dębowska

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The patient's insight in the course of a mental disease has recently become a matter of interest for psychiatrists. Various aspects of insight are examined, as well as the relationship between insight and different clinical variables. In the current study, we examined correlations between aspects of insight and intensity of psychopathological symptoms,(More)
Paranoid schizophrenics were scored and analyzed using PANSS and principal component method on admission (T1, 480 patients), after 4 weeks (T2, 223 patients), after 8 weeks (T3, 146 patients) and after 6 months of treatment (T4, 104 patients). Seven factor models accounted for 68-74% of the variances (including models of 104 patients present at all four(More)
AIM To compare the effectiveness and tolerability of olanzapine and other antipsychotic treatments (6 months after enrollment) in Polish patients with schizophrenia participating in the IC-SOHO (the Intercontinental Schizophrenia Outpatient Health Outcomes) study. METHOD IC-SOHO is a 3-year, global, prospective, observational study examining health(More)
INTRODUCTION According to the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment aims to achieve remission or low disease activity (LDA) within 6 months. In Poland, despite the existence of the National Health Fund Drug Program (NHF-DP), data on the effects of treatment with biological agents in patients with RA are not publicly(More)
The aim of this work was to examine the attitudes of Polish and British adolescents towards the mentally ill and their beliefs about the causes of mental illness. Using a questionnaire constructed for the purpose of this work, 130 seventeen year old high school students were examined: 66 from Lublin, Poland and 64 from Wallesy, Great Britain. Analysis of(More)
AIM The primary objective of the study was to evaluate the severity of extrapyramidal symptoms during treatment with olanzapine (10-20 mg) versus perphenazine (8-40 mg) using the Simpson Angus Scale (SAS). The secondary objective was to assess the safety profile and clinical efficacy of the investigated drugs. MATERIAL AND METHOD A total of 95 patients(More)
In the present study basic psychometric properties of Insight into Illness Scale (IIS) were evaluated. 25 hospitalized patients with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia confirmed by criteria of ICD-10 were examined. Indices of reliability (internal consistency, interrater reliability, retest reliability) and validity (intercorrelations of insight(More)
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