Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro

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The main contribution of this paper is to introduce an autonomous definition of the connective " fuzzy exclusive or " (fuzzy Xor, for short), which is independent from others connectives. Also, two canonical definitions of the connective Xor are obtained from the composition of fuzzy connectives, and based on the commutative and associative properties(More)
The SignWriting system (developed at the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, Ca., USA), is a writing system for deaf sign languages. In SignWriting, signs are represented as figures made up of graphic symbols, each symbol schematically representing an important aspect of the sign gestures: hand configurations, hand and finger movements, contacts, facial(More)
This work introduces the Geometric Machine (GM) – a computational model for the construction and representation of concurrent and non-deterministic processes, preformed in a synchronized way, with infinite memory whose positions are labelled by the points of a geometric space. The ordered structure of the GM model is based on Girard's Coherence Spaces.(More)
This paper introduces a fuzzy rule-based method for the recognition of hand gestures acquired from a data glove, with an application to the recognition of some sample hand gestures of LIBRAS, the Brazilian Sign Language. The method uses the set of angles of finger joints for the classification of hand configurations, and classifications of segments of hand(More)
This paper presents an interval version of the Geometric Machine Model (GMM) and the programming language induced by its structure. The GMM is an abstract machine model, based on Girard's coherence space, capable of modelling sequential, alternative, parallel (synchronous) and non-deterministic computations on a (possibly infinite) shared memory. The(More)
Markov chains are a useful tool for solving practical problems. In many real-life situations, we do not know the exact values of initial and transition probabilities; instead, we only know the intervals of possible values of these probabilities. Such interval-valued Markov chains were considered and analyzed by I. O. Kozine and L. V. Utkin in their Reliable(More)