Grégory Stephan

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Treatment options for an increasing number of completely edentulous patients using fixed restorations may be limited due to anatomical or financial constraints. PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to compare immediate loading versus conventional delayed loading of implants placed for the retention of mandibular overdentures.(More)
While immediate loading in the edentulous mandible is a well-documented procedure, there are limited scientific data on immediate loading in the partially edentulous mandible. Two-year success rates of immediate loading and conventional delayed loading of dental implants in partially dentate mandibles were compared. Patients were randomized into three(More)
The aim of the present study has been the evaluation of the incompleteness of αparticle induced chromosome aberrations by the simultaneous detection of all centromeres and telomeres present in human lymphocytes. For this purpose attached lymphocytes were irradiated at doses of 0.2, 0.5, 0.7 and 1 Gy in a Am source. FISH techniques were applied using(More)
We examined the induction of dicentrics in human lymphocytes irradiated in vitro with nearly monoenergetic neutrons at energies in the range of 36 keV-15.0 MeV and monochromatic X-rays in the range of 1.8 keV-40 keV. For the assessment of the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) both 220 kV X-rays and Co γ-rays were used as reference radiations. To avoid(More)