Grégory François

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—Cloud applications that offer data management services are emerging. Such clouds support caching of data in order to provide quality query services. The users can query the cloud data, paying the price for the infrastructure they use. Cloud management necessitates an economy that manages the service of multiple users in an efficient, but also,(More)
Process measurements can be used in an optimization framework to compensate the effects of run-time uncertainty. Among the various options for input adap-tion, a promising approach consists of directly enforcing the Necessary Conditions of Optimality (NCO) that include two parts: the active constraints and the sensitivities. In this paper, the variations of(More)
In run-to-run control, measurements from previous runs are used to push the outputs of the current run towards desired set points. From a run-to-run perspective, the classical dynamics get integrated by each run, thereby leading to a static nonlinear input-output map. This paper shows that, when successive linearization of this nonlinear map is used to(More)
— Type 1 Patients with Diabetes (Type 1 PwDs) have to frequently adjust their insulin dosage to keep their Blood Glucose concentration (BG) within normal bounds. Meal intakes represent the most important disturbance that has to be accounted for. Its effect differs for every individual as well as for every meal. These specificities are automatically taken(More)
In this paper, the problem of predicting blood glucose concentrations (BG) for the treatment of patients with type 1 diabetes, is addressed. Predicting BG is of very high importance as most treatments, which consist in exogenous insulin injections, rely on the availability of BG predictions. Many models that can be used for predicting BG are available in(More)
This paper considers the minimization of batch time for an industrial inverse-emulsion polymerization reactor in the presence of uncertainty. A first optimization study resulted in the current industrial practice of a semi-adiabatic profile (isothermal operation followed by an adiabatic one), where the switching time between the two modes of operation is(More)
A limitation of model-based optimisation methods lies in the potential inaccuracy of the available models. Because of plant-model mismatch, model-based optimal inputs may be suboptimal or, worse, unfeasible for the plant. Modifier adaptation (MA) overcomes this obstacle by incorporating measurements in the optimization framework. However, standard MA(More)
Optimal operation of chemical processes is key for meeting productivity, quality, safety and environmental objectives. Both model-based and data-driven schemes are used to compute optimal operating conditions [1]:-The model-based techniques are intuitive and widespread, but they suffer from the effect of plant-model mismatch. For instance, an inaccurate(More)
This paper analyzes the maximum power that a kite, or system of kites, can extract from the wind. Firstly, a number of existing results on kite system efficiency are reviewed. The results that are generally applicable require significant simplifying assumptions, usually neglecting the effects of inertia and gravity. On the other hand, the more precise(More)