Grégory Etienne

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This paper describes the monitoring of Salmonella in a closed pig production system in Belgium over a 2-year period. A sampling scheme including animal feeds and carcasses was designed to cover the entire chain of production from farrow to finishing pigs. Salmonella was detected by a method based on the use of semisolid Rappaport-Vassiliadis as a selective(More)
Performances of four detection methods were evaluated for recovery of Salmonella spp. in naturally contaminated fecal specimens of porcine origin. The NMKL 71 method consisted of enrichment in Rappaport-Vassiliadis broth and plating on xylose-lysine-desoxycholate medium, whereas the SP-VG-M002 method relied on a Diasalm enrichment followed by streaking on(More)
Relevance of a Salmonella serological detection technique was studied from complete results obtained from 9 pigs fattening units. Feces and overshoes were sampled at different periods after starting fattening (2, 3 and 4 months) while caecal contents were taken on the slaughter line. The bacteriological technique used was based on a Diasalm enrichment and a(More)
The present paper brings the reader up to date on the subject of personnel administration, in which much change has taken place in recent times. After defining the object of the paper, which is simply improved manpower utilization, the author examines the salient aspects of the method for selecting the best personnel on the one hand and, on the other hand,(More)
This paper was presented as a reference document in the First Meeting of the PAHO/WHO Textbook Program Committee for the Teaching of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences, held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from 24 to 26 November 1977. It analyzes the human resource development process in terms of the basic components: planning,(More)
Comme dans d’autres disciplines, en médecine la sémantique mérite quelques attentions. En son absence, on utilise des sigles dont on a fâcheusement oublié la signification ouonadopte des anglicismes abusifs, même si certains sont justifiés. Il est des mots nouveaux ou rénovés qui prêtent à contresens alors qu’unevisionclaire des termes aide à comprendre et(More)