Grégoire Richard

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This paper presents a new design and evaluation of customizable gesture commands on pen-based devices. Our objective is to help users during the definition of gestures by detecting confusion among gestures. We also help the memorization gestures with the guide of a new type of menu " Customizable Gesture Menus ". These menus are associated with an evolving(More)
A consumer may be interested in buying a bundle of items, where any one item in the bundle may not be of particular interest. The emergence of on-line auctions allows such users to obtain bundles by bidding on different simultaneous or sequentially run auctions. Because the number of auctions and the number of combinations to form the bundles may be large,(More)
—This paper presents a new method for designing a recognition engine to define customizable gesture commands on pen-based devices. Such gesture commands require an evolving classifier that can start from few data samples and learn in-crementally. Gesture commands use give rise to a cross-learning situation where the user has to learn and memorize the(More)
We present the work performed in the context of a three month internship funded by IRIT-CNRS done at CERFACS-ENSEEIHT located in Toulouse (France). The first part of this work has consisted of in the integration of up-to-date sequential ordering software into MUMPS: SCOTCH from F. Pellegrini (LaBRI-Bordeaux), PORD from Y. (Toulouse). In the second part, the(More)
This paper presents a typical application of secured access to a terminal and/or teleservices using biometrics (speech and frontal face) verification. This application is one of the prototype developed in the European ACTS project « M2VTS » which stands for Multi Modal Verification for Teleservices and Security Applications. The primary goal of this project(More)
In this paper, we propose a method allowing us to compare a speciication of the intended semantics of a given logic program with the operational one. We compute, using a version of Knuth Bendix completion procedure, a nite set of rewrite rules synthesizing the answers w.r.t. a goal and we compare this set of equations with the given speciication, supposed(More)