Grégoire Hummel

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The aim of this prospective clinical study was to evaluate the location of paravertebral catheters that were placed using the classical landmark puncture technique and to correlate the distribution of contrast dye injected through the catheters with the extent of somatic block. Paravertebral catheter placement was attempted in 31 patients after(More)
In the year of 1805, Goethe almost died of urosepsis. His urological problems were not diseases arising from full health but a new variation in a life accompanied by illnesses. Some sources date the first colics he experienced to the year 1795 and others say 1805. The most dramatic period in the course of his illness was in February, when he suffered from(More)
In the present study of nutrition control of Wistar white rats, the ultrastructure of cerebellar Purkinje cells was studied after chronic ethanol exposure and a subsequent period of prolonged abstinence: a qualitative investigation of the perikarya of Purkinje cells was performed in age-matched controls (group A) and rats alcohol-fed for 5 months and(More)
In this paper, we describe the thought process and initial data behind the development of an imaging platform (LeasyScan) combined with lysimetric capacity, to assess canopy traits affecting water use (leaf area, leaf area index, transpiration). LeasyScan is based on a novel 3D scanning technique to capture leaf area development continuously, a(More)
Twenty-six cases of waterskiing-related injuries, including four deaths, were studied and the case histories classified into four categories. Injury was caused by a fall into unobstructed water, by boat propeller blades, by collisions with obstacles or a boat, and by the tow rope. Injuries sustained in falls were comparable to trauma seen in vigorous(More)
The cytogenesis of motor neurons of the immature brain stem of the bovine has been examined by light-and electron microscopy from the periods of origin and migration of the motor neurons until their transformation into relatively mature neurons in their area of destination. Up to 2.7 cm CRL intensive cell migration occurs from the ventromedial cell column(More)
The ontogenetic development and cell differentiation of the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus (Ntm) is lightmicroscopically examined in 58 bovine embryos and fetuses ranging from 2.4 to 80 cm Crown-Rump-Length (CRL). The cytoarchitecture and fine structure in adult cattle, sheep, and goats are investigated with the aid of light- and electronmicroscopy. At(More)
Position, form, dimensions and fine structure of the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus of the domestic chicken are described. It consists of round to oval large and rare medium sized pseudo-unipolar neurons. The Nissl bodies are scattered throughout the perikaryon of both cell types in a dust like way. Electronmicroscopically the neurons are characterized by(More)