Grégoire Côté

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The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of linguistic coverage of databases used by bibliometricians on the capacity to effectively benchmark the work of researchers in social sciences and humanities. We examine the strong link between bibliometrics and the Thomson Scientific's database and review the differences in the production and diffusion of(More)
Scientific collaboration is increasing on nearly all fronts. In most fields of inquiry, the proportions of multiple authors’, multiple institutions’, and multiple countries’ papers have increased regularly since the birth of scientific journals. Two questions that are frequently asked are: how does collaboration compare from one place to the other, and how(More)
Research impact of paywalled versus open access papers" This note presents data from the 1science OAIndx on the average of relative citations (ARC) for 3.3 million papers published from 2007 to 2009 and indexed in the Web of Science (WoS). These data show a decidedly large citation advantage for open access (OA) papers, despite them suffering from a lag in(More)
Science-Metrix specializes in the measurement and evaluation of science, technology and innovation. Our data collection and assessment methods include bibliometrics, scientometrics, technometrics, surveys and interviews, environmental scans, monitoring and intelligence gathering. We perform program and policy evaluations, benchmarking and sector analyses,(More)
Executive Summary This study aimed to evaluate the potential of pharmacogenomic science and technology (S&T) in Canada. In order to do so, the multiple scientific and ethical issues related to pharmacogenomic research were reviewed. Scientometric and technometric analyses were performed to provide a quantitative evaluation of Canada's performance in this(More)
Given our growing dependence on energy, it is relevant to examine how to define, measure, and assess energy research and development. This study discusses the use of bibliometric methods for examining the evolution of energy research at the world level and in leading countries. The originality of the proposed method lies in the use of a several-pronged(More)
This paper uses the Medline biomedical papers database to measure scientific production on mental health in the workplace (MHWP) during the 1991"2002 period at the world, Canadian, provincial, urban, institutional and researcher levels. The level of scientific output has doubled at the world level and tripled at the Canadian level during the last 12 years.(More)