Gráinne Kerr

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With the fast development of high-throughput sequencing technologies, a new generation of genome-wide gene expression measurements is under way. This is based on mRNA sequencing (RNA-seq), which complements the already mature technology of microarrays, and is expected to overcome some of the latter's disadvantages. These RNA-seq data pose new challenges,(More)
Data preprocessing in microarray technology is a crucial initial step before data analysis is performed. Many preprocessing methods have been proposed but none has proved to be ideal to date. Frequently, datasets are limited by laboratory constraints so that the need is for guidelines on quality and robustness, to inform further experimentation while data(More)
Microarray technology i provides an opportunity to monitor mRNA levels of expression of thousands of genes simultaneously in a single experiment. The enormous amount of data produced by this high throughput approach presents a challenge for data analysis: to extract meaningful patterns, to evaluate its quality and to interpret the results. The most commonly(More)
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