Gozie Offiah

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BACKGROUND The management of emotions in the workplace is a skill related to the ability to demonstrate empathic behaviour towards patients; to manage emotional reactions in oneself and to lead others as part of a team. This ability has been defined as emotional intelligence (EI) and doctor's EI may be related to communication skills and to patient(More)
Breast cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease that arises from epithelial cells lining the breast ducts and lobules. Correct adhesion between adjacent epithelial cells is important in determining the normal structure and function of epithelial tissues, and there is accumulating evidence that dysregulated cell-cell adhesion is associated with many(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Smartphone use among healthcare professionals has become widespread and will continue to grow in the coming years. STUDY DESIGN In October 2012, a survey was distributed to 230 interns at two of the national intern training networks in the Republic of Ireland, asking how they used smartphones to carry out their clinical work. (More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to collect and analyse examples of poor teamwork between junior doctors and nurses; identify the teamwork failures contributing to poor team function; and ascertain if particular teamwork failures are associated with higher levels of risk to patients. DESIGN Critical Incident Technique interviews were carried out with junior(More)
BACKGROUND Physiological track and trigger systems (PTTSs) regulate the monitoring of patients' vital signs and facilitate the detection and treatment of deteriorating patients. These systems are widely used, although compliance with protocol is often poor. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine the perceptions of a national PTTS among nurses and doctors(More)
OBJECTIVE The European Working Time Regulations (EWTR) have been criticized for its purported negative impact on the training of junior doctors. The aim of this study was to examine the amount of time interns spent engaging in various work activities. DESIGN An online time-use diary was used to collect data from interns. SETTING Two teaching hospitals(More)
Near-Peer Teaching is a relatively new and expanding area of medical education. The benefit to medical students has been demonstrated in numerous contexts around the world. Our aim was to establish a structured Intern-Led Teaching (ILT) programme in the context of an Irish Intern Training Network affiliated to an Irish Medical School. We then sought to(More)
BACKGROUND Junior doctors have been found to suffer from high levels of burnout. AIMS To measure burnout in a population of junior doctors in Ireland and identify if: levels of burnout are similar to US medical residents; there is a change in the pattern of burnout during the first year of postgraduate clinical practice; and burnout is associated with(More)
  • E Hannan, N Breslin, E Doherty, M McGreal, D Moneley, G Offiah
  • Irish journal of medical science
  • 2017
BACKGROUND The transition from medical school to internship can be daunting for newly qualified doctors. High rates of stress and burnout have been reported, with negative impacts on patient care and physician wellbeing. AIMS We surveyed interns in our hospital group to evaluate rates of stress and burnout, as well as identify the causative factors and(More)