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Having a conceptual knowledge loaded with Meta information about the data strengthens the efficacy of information systems, knowledge discovery and also databases. A conceptual knowledge must document salient characteristics, properties, and behavioural qualities of concepts i.e. the elements about which the information is dealing with. Skimming through(More)
Querying is one of the basic functionality expected from a database system. Query efficiency is adversely affected by increase in the number of participating tables. Also, querying based on syntax largely limits the gamut of queries a database system can process. Syntactic queries rely on the database table structure, which is a cause of concern for large(More)
Database systems have to cater to the growing demands of the information age. The growth of the new age information retrieval powerhouses like search engines has thrown a challenge to the data management community to come up with novel mechanisms for feeding information to end users. The burgeoning use of natural language query interfaces compels system(More)
Conceptual knowledge provides comprehensive definition of concepts in the worldview. Concepts evolve as time passes. Capturing the changes in conceptual definitions has been at the forefront of research for quite sometime. The idea of time has always been presumed to be a separate dimension i.e. the fourth dimension that is said to concomitantly move along(More)
Hemodynamic play a very significant role in the pathophysiology of intracranial arteriovenous malformation. The surgical decisions are based on the understanding of the complexities of the flow. Quantification of the abnormal flow is difficult. The mathematical models provide limited information due to the simplicity of the design of these models. Flow of(More)
Knowledge is only good if it is sound, consistent and complete. The same holds true for conceptual knowledge, which holds knowledge about concepts and its association. Conceptual knowledge no matter what format they are represented in, must be consistent, sound and complete in order to realise its practical use. This paper discusses consistency, soundness(More)
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