Govindarajan Sujatha

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Lichen planus is a relatively common chronic inflammatory disease of oral mucosa and skin. Cortisol, also called as "stress hormone", has been used as an indicator in various stress evaluation studies. Salivary cortisol measurement is an indicator of free cortisol or biologically active cortisol in human serum and provides(More)
Ectopic eruption of teeth into a region other than the oral cavity is rare although there have been reports of teeth in the nasal septum, mandibular condyle, coronoid process, palate, chin and maxillary sinus. Occasionally, a tooth may erupt in the maxillary sinus and present with local sinonasal symptoms attributed to chronic sinusitis. We present a case(More)
BACKGROUND Leukemia is a fatal disease. The oral manifestations of the leukemias occur early in the course of the disease and these oral features can at times act as a diagnostic indicator. Saliva has been used as a diagnostic aid in a number of systemic diseases. MATERIALS AND METHODS In our study, samples of unstimulated saliva of 30 leukemia patients(More)
Hemangiomas are developmental vascular abnormalities and more than 50% of these lesions occur in the head and neck region, with the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, and palate most commonly involved. They are considered as hamartomas rather than true neoplasms. Here we report a case of hemangioma of the body of the tongue, discussing the diagnostic aspects and(More)
Multiple impacted permanent teeth are usually related to syndromes, metabolic and hormonal disorders. However, in some cases, impaction of multiple teeth is not associated with any syndrome. In this report, we present a case of 17-year-old male patient with missing teeth. Radiographs revealed multiple impacted permanent teeth, though medical and family(More)
Etiopathogenesis of oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) is been studied for long time and still a fully satisfactory explanation is not obtained. Areca nut is the main etiological factor which is consumed as pan masala, gutka, mawa, and betel quid. It will interfere with the collegen synthesis and degradation causing the fibrosis. Several other etiological agents(More)
One of the most common encountered cancers in India is oral cancer comprising for nearly 30% of all cancer and among these cases, oral squamous cell carcinoma accounts for a vital portion. It seems important to screen and recall patients with any potentially malignant lesions/conditions to detect dysplastic changes in early stage. This article attempts to(More)
Aloe vera is a medicinal plant which has been used for thousands of years. The health benefits of aloe vera is well known and the dental uses of this plant is multiple. Interest is gathering among researchers regarding the use of this plant. Studies have proved the antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties of aloe vera and the use(More)
Pyogenic granuloma is a tissue overgrowth which commonly develops as a response to irritation or trauma which is usually localized. Though gingiva is said to be the common site, it also can occur on lip, tongue and buccal mucosa. Pathogenesis is unclear but trauma, infection and hormonal imbalance are attributed as reasons for occurrence. Histologically(More)
OBJECTIVE The main objective of the study was morphometric evaluation of the frontal sinus in relation to age and gender and to establish its forensic importance and application. MATERIALS AND METHOD The study group consisted of 200 subjects (100 males and 100 females) in the age groups 14-20 years, 21-30 years, 31-45 years, 45 years and above.(More)