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We present an inexpensive, portable and integrated microfluidic instrument that is optimized to perform genetic amplification and analysis on a single sample. Biochemical reactions and analytical separations for genetic analysis are performed within tri-layered glass-PDMS microchips. The microchip itself consists of integrated pneumatically-actuated valves(More)
We demonstrate a rapid and inexpensive approach for the fabrication of high resolution poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS)-based microfluidic devices. The complete process of fabrication could be performed in several hours (or less) without any specialized equipment other than a consumer-grade wax printer. The channels produced by this method are of high enough(More)
Diagnosis platforms incorporating low-cost microfluidic chips enable sensitive, rapid, and accurate genetic analysis that could facilitate customized therapies tailored to match the vulnerabilities of any types of cancer. Using ex vivo cancer cells, we have detected the unique molecular signature and a chromosomal translocation in multiple myeloma. Multiple(More)
— A switching controller is designed and implemented in a custom-made temperature control system to perform sensitive biochemical reactions for medical diagnostics within a microfluidic platform. Nonlinear and time-varying characteristics of the plant are considered, and the system is approximated by multi-linear models. Both simulation and experimental(More)
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