Govind R. Kadambi

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With unprecedented growth of the subscribers in modern cellular and wireless data communications, there is an acute scarcity of additional bandwidth to meet the ever growing demand. To ease the constraint of additional bandwidth, utilization of the existing system has been a topic of recent interest. Cognitive Radio is a new technique in which the spectral(More)
Convergence of Internet Protocol based networks is a necessary requirement today. One important aspect of convergence is seamless integration of wired- wireless network. Internetworking of wired-wireless network is important from Quality of Service (QoS) perspective. Providing a wired network support to an overloaded wireless network for load sharing,(More)
In this paper a method of collision detection and retransmission of broadcast packets is proposed. In multi-hop wireless networks, broadcasting is an elementary part of the routing process. However, due to the hidden node problem, broadcasting often leads to collisions. In the presence of broadcast collisions, a node cannot populate its neighbor table(More)
The Human hand is versatile in its interaction. Imitating the versatilities and human dexterity in robotic design is a huge challenge, and requires a great depth of understanding of the human upper limb physiology and its robotic equivalent. A huge amount of research worldwide is being carried out in order to develop a human hand like prosthetic which can(More)
In this paper, a reconfigurable hand Gesture Recognition System (GRS) has been designed and developed for multiple applications using vision based techniques. Image is acquired from the camera and processed using a DSP processor in real time. Processing involves image segmentation and palm extraction techniques for extracting palm shaped objects from the(More)
Directional communication in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) helps in mitigating the problems of exposed nodes and interference, while providing better spatial reuse. However, use of directional antenna also leads to the problem of deafness. This paper presents a novel method to mitigate deafness in MANETs. In the proposed method, Request To Send (RTS),(More)
In this paper we have considered a Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) with multiple internet gateways (IGW) and wired network support for maximizing the delivery in the WMN access network. We have considered the WMN in IEEE 802.11s framework that nodes can transit from one IGW region to the other seamlessly based on the Quality of Service (QOS) requirements. Then(More)
Spurious-free Dynamic Range (SFDR) of frequency sources such as local oscillators in radio has a profound effect on the minimum signal strength that can be detected. Greater the level of unwanted spurs the more difficult it is to detect an incoming signal in the presence of existing interferers and minimum signal/noise ratio at the demodulator input. Taylor(More)