Govert Waramori

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SETTING Tuberculosis treatment clinic in Papua, Indonesia. OBJECTIVE To document the impact of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) on lung function, exercise tolerance and quality of life (QOL). DESIGN A prospective cohort study of 115 patients with smear-positive PTB followed for 6 months. Demographics, disease history, sputum microbiology, spirometry,(More)
BACKGROUND The grading of radiological severity in clinical trials in tuberculosis (TB) remains unstandardised. The aim of this study was to generate and validate a numerical score for grading chest x-ray (CXR) severity and predicting response to treatment in adults with smear-positive pulmonary TB. METHODS At a TB clinic in Papua, Indonesia, serial CXRs(More)
BACKGROUND In pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), morbidity during treatment and residual pulmonary disability can be under-estimated. METHODS Among adults with smear-positive PTB at an outpatient clinic in Papua, Indonesia, we assessed morbidity at baseline and during treatment, and 6-month residual disability, by measuring functional capacity (six-minute walk(More)
BACKGROUND Vitamin D (vitD) and L-arginine have important antimycobacterial effects in humans. Adjunctive therapy with these agents has the potential to improve outcomes in active tuberculosis (TB). METHODS In a 4-arm randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled factorial trial in adults with smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) in Timika,(More)
BACKGROUND Nitric oxide (NO), a key macrophage antimycobacterial mediator that ameliorates immunopathology, is measurable in exhaled breath in individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis. We investigated relationships between fractional exhale NO (FENO) and initial pulmonary tuberculosis severity, change during treatment, and relationship with conversion of(More)
SETTING A district-level tuberculosis (TB) control programme in Papua Province, Indonesia. OBJECTIVE To describe a successful partnership between the District Health Department, a private company and non-governmental health care providers. METHODS Routinely collected surveillance data were analysed. A conceptual model was constructed to describe TB(More)
SETTING A district level tuberculosis (TB) programme in Indonesia. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether a single sputum specimen could be stored by refrigeration for an extended period of time, then transported to a reference laboratory and successfully cultured for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. METHODS Single sputum specimens were collected from newly diagnosed(More)
SETTING A district level tuberculosis (TB) control programme in Papua Province, Indonesia. OBJECTIVE To determine the nature and extent of drug-resistant TB in newly diagnosed sputum smear-positive patients. METHODS Sputum was collected from previously untreated smear-positive pulmonary TB patients diagnosed in the district over a 10-month period.(More)
BACKGROUND New diagnoses of tuberculosis (TB) present important opportunities to detect and treat HIV. Rates of HIV and TB in Indonesia's easternmost Papua Province exceed national figures, but data on co-infection rates and outcomes are lacking. We aimed to measure TB-HIV co-infection rates, examine longitudinal trends, compare management with World Health(More)
Weight gain achieved during pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) treatment is associated with the likelihood of bacteriological treatment success. It is recognised that weight and body mass index (BMI) characteristics differ between ethnic groups in health and illness states. However there has been no prior investigation of how ethnic differences in BMI might(More)
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