Gove N. Allen

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The Internet contains data in a variety of forms in a large number of websites. The content of websites and interactions through websites are the subject of academic research. Research about web content and web interactions can be facilitated through the use of automated Internet data collection agents. The unique characteristics of the Internet and the new(More)
Object technology has been widely acclaimed as offering a revolution in computing that will resolve a myriad of problems inherent in developing and managing organizational information processing capabilities. Although its foundations arose in computer programming languages, object technology has implications for a wide range of business computing The cross(More)
Empirical research is an important methodology for the study of conceptual modeling practices. The recently published article " Representing Part–Whole Relations in Conceptual Modeling: An Empirical Evaluation " (Shanks et al. 2008) uses the lens of ontology to study a relatively sophisticated aspect of conceptual modeling practice, the representation of(More)