Goutham Reddy Alavalapati

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Mobile user authentication is an essential topic to consider in the current communications technology due to greater deployment of handheld devices and advanced technologies. Memon et al. recently proposed an efficient and secure two-factor authentication protocol for location based services using asymmetric key cryptography. Unlike their claims, the(More)
A two-factor authenticated key-agreement scheme for session initiation protocol emerged as a best remedy to overcome the ascribed limitations of the password-based authentication scheme. Recently, Lu et al. proposed an anonymous two-factor authenticated key-agreement scheme for SIP using elliptic curve cryptography. They claimed that their scheme is secure(More)
This paper put forth an effective and quick strategy for biometric validation using close infrared hand vein design. There are numerous methodologies for hand design validation, yet the time take for preparing and the computational strategy for nerve example is a noteworthy. The proposed adaptive threshold technique makes the possibility to verify and(More)
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