Goutham Rao

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1. ABSTRACT Most of the mobile agent ivork at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATE) uses agents for information retrieval and dissemination. We have found that our two dominant sources of cost are bandwidth and services (e.g. database accesses). We dcaigned the ATL Postmaster system to rcducc these costs. The Postmaster system sits on top(More)
BACKGROUND Handheld computers are valuable practice tools. It is important for residency programs to introduce their trainees and faculty to this technology. This article describes a formal strategy to introduce handheld computing to a family practice residency program. METHODS Objectives were selected for the handheld computer training program that(More)
Anthropometric measurements such as weight, stature (height), and body mass index (BMI) provide reliable indicators of children's growth. The 2000 CDC growth charts are the national standards in the United States for these important measures. But these growth charts were generated using data from 1963-1994. To understand the growth patterns of US children(More)
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