Gourav Bansal

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The effects of phenoxyethanol, chlorhexidine and a mixture of both on subgingival plaque samples from 44 patients with chronic periodontitis were investigated in vitro. At a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml, chlorhexidine inhibited the growth of all cultivable bacteria in all 44 samples while a comparable effect was achieved with phenoxyethanol only at a(More)
A total of 57 bacterial strains (26 different species) which may be isolated from subgingival plaque were tested for their in vitro susceptibility to phenoxycthanol, a commonly-used antiseptic and preservative. Ninety-five percent of the strains, including those associated with chronic inflammatory periodontal disease, were susceptible to concentrations of(More)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a key diagnostic tool to visualize the heart's activity and to study its normal or abnormal functioning. Physicians perform routine diagnosis by visually examining the shapes of ECG waveform. However, automatic processing and classification of ECG data would be extremely useful in patient monitoring and telemedicine systems. Such(More)
Subgingival plaque samples from 20 patients with chronic inflammatory periodontal disease were exposed to a commercial gel formulation containing 2 amine fluorides. The MIC of the gel for these samples ranged from 33 to 260 micrograms/ml with a modal value of 260 micrograms/ml. In each sample, the most resistant organisms (i.e., those organisms surviving at(More)
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