Gourab Ghosh Roy

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Harmony Search (HS) is a recently developed stochastic algorithm which imitates the music improvisation process. In this process, the musicians improvise their instrument pitches searching for the perfect state of harmony. Practical experiences, however, suggest that the algorithm suffers from the problems of slow and/or premature convergence over(More)
Theoretical analysis of mataheuristic algorithms is believed to be very important for understanding their internal search mechanism and thus to develop more efficient algorithms. In this article we present a simple mathematical analysis of the explorative search behavior of a recently developed metaheuristic algorithm called Invasive Weed Optimization(More)
Short-term laboratory and field studies showed dose-based effect of coal fly ash on chemical and microbial properties of laterite cropland soil. Sandy loam soil mixed with farmyard manure (10% w/w) and amended with fly ash at 5%, 10%, 20%, 40% w/w (50-400 t ha(-1)) was incubated in the laboratory and added to field plots. The pH, EC, PO(4), Ca and Na of(More)
This paper presents a novel technique for power quality disturbance classification. Wavelet Transform (WT) has been used to extract some useful features of the power system disturbance signal and Discrete Harmony Search with Modified Differential mutation operator (DHS_MD) have been used for feature dimension reduction in order to achieve high(More)
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