Gour S Pati

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We present a spatio-temporal operator formalism and beam propagation simulations that describe the broadband efficient adaptive method for a true-time-delay array processing (BEAMTAP) algorithm for an optical beamformer by use of a photorefractive crystal. The optical system consists of a tapped-delay line implemented with an acoustooptic Bragg cell, an(More)
The finite impulse response neural network is described in detail. Different algorithms capable of temporal back-propagation are considered, including a novel modification to the conventional algorithm, called the delayed-feedback back-propagation algorithm. We present and analyze different optoelectronic processors making use of adaptive volume holograms(More)
We investigated the correlation performance of a joint fractional Fourier-transform correlator (JFRTC) using computer simulation results. We present a mathematical analysis suggesting use of processing techniques based on a nonlinear transformation and fractional-order fractional-power fringe-adjusted filter to attain improved performance in terms of(More)
We present an optoelectronic implementation of an adaptive-array processor that is capable of performing beam forming and jammer nulling in signals of wide fractional bandwidth that are detected by an array of arbitrary topology. The optical system makes use of a two-dimensional scrolling spatial light modulator to represent an array of input signals in 256(More)
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