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Hormone therapy in the form of androgen deprivation is a major treatment for advanced prostate cancer. However, if such therapy is overly prolonged, tumour cells may become resistant to this treatment and result in recurrent fatal disease. Long-term hormone deprivation also is associated with side effects poorly tolerated by patients. In contrast,(More)
A widely used complex-valued activation function for complex-valued multistate Hopfield networks is revealed to be essentially based on a multilevel step function. By replacing the multilevel step function with other multilevel characteristics, we present two alternative complex-valued activation functions. One is based on a multilevel sigmoid function,(More)
This book contains a wide variety of hot topics on advanced computational intelligence methods which incorporate the concept of complex and hypercomplex number systems into the framework of artificial neural networks. In most chapters, the theoretical descriptions of the methodology and its applications to engineering problems are excellently balanced. This(More)
Many social, biological, and technological networks consist of a small number of highly connected components (hubs) and a very large number of loosely connected components (low-degree nodes). It has been commonly recognized that such heterogeneously connected networks are extremely vulnerable to the failure of hubs in terms of structural robustness of(More)
The present paper studies regular and complex spatiotemporal behaviors in networks of coupled map-based bursting oscillators. In-phase and antiphase synchronization of bursts are studied, explaining their underlying mechanisms in order to determine how network parameters separate them. Conditions for emergent bursting in the coupled system are derived from(More)
In this paper, we study bifurcation structures of period-adding phenomena in an internal wave model that is a mathematical model for ocean internal waves. It has been suggested that chaotic solutions observed in the internal wave model may be related to the universal property of the energy spectra of ocean internal waves. In numerical bifurcation analyses(More)
In this review, we summarize our recently developed mathematical models that predict the effects of intermittent androgen suppression therapy on prostate cancer (PCa). Although hormone therapy for PCa shows remarkable results at the beginning of treatment, cancer cells frequently acquire the ability to grow without androgens during long-term therapy,(More)
Through phase plane analysis of a class of two-dimensional spiking and bursting neuron models, covering some of the most popular map-based neuron models, we show that there exists a trade-off between the sensitivity of the neuron to steady external stimulation and its resonance properties, and how this trade-off may be tuned by the neutral or asymptotic(More)