Gottlieb Steen

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A new scale, the GBS-scale, is constructed for rating dementia syndromes. The scale is divided into four subscales measuring motor, intellectual and emotional functions and different symptoms characteristic for dementia. The scale can be used by physicians, psychologists and registered nurses. The reliability of the scale is tested by rating 100 patients in(More)
Cohort differences in cognitive functioning were studied in two 70-year-old samples born 16 years apart, 1906/07 and 1922, and living in Göteborg, Sweden. Psychometric tests measuring verbal ability, inductive reasoning, spatial ability, perceptual speed, secondary memory, and primary memory were used. All tests showed significantly better results in the(More)
A representative sample of 68-year-old men living in the city of Malmö, Sweden, was examined by means of psychological tests and questionnaires regarding cognitive capacity, cognitive style as an expression of personality, and life satisfaction. Reference values for these parameters are presented, and a continuous cohort increase of verbal ability could be(More)
The determination of optimal fines to deter the formation or continuation of cartels is a major objective of competition policy. We provide an analysis of static and dynamic frameworks to characterize the restitution and deterrence properties of fines: cartel stability depends on their ability to prevent deviation by firms, while the benefit of a deviation(More)
We studied the relationship between cognitive function and ability in daily life activities (ADL) at ages 85 (N=332) and 95 (N=63) cross-sectionally and longitudinally in representative populations of non-demented persons, in order to focus on manifestations related to healthy aging. Among the 85-year olds, 31% were independent, 42% were dependent on(More)
A case of glutaric aciduria, a recently discovered inborn error of tryptophan-lysine metabolism, is reported. Development was normal during the first year of life. Signs of dyskinesia and dystonia associated with developmental regression occurred twice during gastrointestinal disease. By two years of age, a dystonic syndrome with a severe motor and language(More)
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