Gotthard Meinel

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Methods of image segmentation become more and more important in the field of remote sensing image analysis – in particular due to the increasing spatial resolution of imagery. The most important factor for using segmentation techniques is segmentation quality. Thus, a method for evaluating segmentation quality is presented and used to compare results of(More)
Primarily due to the progresses in spatial resolution of satellite imagery, the methods of segment-based image analysis for generating and updating geographical information are becoming more and more important. In the studies of Neubert and Meinel (2003) and Meinel and Neubert (2004) the capabilities of available segmentation programmes for high resolution(More)
Estimating urban green volume is getting more and more important within the frame of an ecologically orientated city planning and environmentally sustainable development. The first and the last pulse of airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data provide the basis for the estimation of green volume, but these optimal data are not always available,(More)
The remits of regional planning and environmental monitoring are growing steadily. Planning data and status information need to made available in ever more up-to-date form and with high spatial resolution. Given the constraints on public funding, this demand for data can only be met future using new forms of satellite sensor in outer space. The Indian IRS1C(More)
* Corresponding author. Abstract – Caused by the importance of urban vegetation volume as an indicator for ecologically orientated city planning and since there are several cities which already use laser scanner data at leaf-off aerial flight times for creating 3D city models the idea merges of using this data for that purpose. This paper deals with the(More)
The segmentation of complex and compound geographical objects such as settlement areas in images is a challenging task. This is particularly true if the images are scanned historical maps, which are only available as gray-scale images. On the other hand, their vast availability and spatio-temporal coverage make these maps a valuable source of information(More)