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Currently documentation processes for routine patient care and clinical research are kept separate (dual source). Due to overlaps between routine and research documentation, a single source approach provides opportunities to improve efficiency of medical documentation given the large workload of physicians related to documentation. Organisational, technical(More)
E-learning has been a topic of increasing interest in recent years, due mainly to the fact that increased scheduling flexibility as well as tool support can now be offered at a widely affordable level. As a result, many e-learning platforms and systems have been developed and commercialized ; these are based on client-server, peer-to-peer, or, more(More)
Views as a means to describe parts of a given data collection play an important role in many database applications. In dynamic environments, where data is updated, not only information provided by views, but also information provided by data sources but <i>missing</i> from views turns out to be relevant: Previously, this missing information was(More)
Conditional tables have been identified long ago as a way to capture unknown or incomplete information. However, queries over conditional tables have never been allowed to involve column functions such as aggregates. In this paper, the theory of conditional tables is extended in this direction, and it is shown that a strong representation system exists(More)