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On the rediscovery of Anthony C. Harris's books and manuscripts at Alexandria
The notebooks and manuscripts of the nineteenth century collector and scholar A. C. Harris have lain unnoticed in the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria for over a century. Now relocated, a summary of
P. BM EA 10052, Anthony Harris, and Queen Tyti
Recently rediscovered text copies of what is now P. BM EA 10052, 6.22–23 by Anthony Harris from his Notebook 5, in conjunction with surviving unpublished fragments from this section of the papyrus,
An Early Record of the Sarcophagi of Tjaiharpata and Esshu-Tefnut and the Identification of Some Lieder Squeezes at the Griffith Institute, Oxford *
This article discusses the provenance of the sarcophagus of Tjaiharpata (now in Cairo) and the sarcophagus of Esshu-tefnut (now in Vienna): two shafts (or possibly just a single shaft), demonstrably