Gottfried Arnold

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In a honeybee colony, brood care is ensured by adult bee behavior adapted to the different ages and castes of larvae. The brood is incubated, the larvae are fed, and their cells are capped [ 1 3]. In order to adopt the appropriate behavior, adult workers must be able to recognize the age and the caste of a larva. Like most social Hymenoptera, chemical(More)
A recently developed procedure for the localization of D-amino acid oxidase (D-AAO) has been used to investigate the distribution of this enzyme in rat nervous tissue. Initial studies were carried out on kidney to validate the methods. The cytochemically demonstrable enzyme in kidney is inhibited by kojic acid, a known competitive D-AAO inhibitor. Omission(More)
The distribution of catalase-containing microperoxisomes was studied in the central nervous system of rats during the early postnatal period when the processes of myelination and cell differentiation are active. The regions selected for study included a region previously found in adult animals to contain substantial numbers of reactive microperoxisomes, as(More)
Relaxin is a reproductive hormone that has historically been characterized as being responsible for pubic ligament loosening and cervical ripening. Recently, relaxin has been associated with neovascularization of the endometrial lining of the uterus, potentially via specific induction of vascular endothelial growth factor. Previously conducted clinical(More)
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alpha-OH acid oxidase activity was demonstrated in peroxisomes of glutaraldehyde-fixed tissues using the CeCl3 cytochemical method. For kidney, alpha-OH butyrate or alpha-OH valerate were used as substrates. These substrates gave much less reaction product in liver peroxisomes. Liver peroxisomes were more reactive with glycolate as substrate. Glycolate gave(More)
An important sexual dimorphism is demonstrated in the drone at the level of the first central relay of the antennal olfactory pathway (antennal lobe of the deutocerebrum), represented by large and easily identifiable glomerular complexes. This preparation seems to be an excellent model for a functional study of the olfactory system.