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Members of the SOX family of transcription factors are found throughout the animal kingdom, are characterized by the presence of a DNA-binding HMG domain, and are involved in a diverse range of developmental processes. Previous attempts to group SOX genes and deduce their structural, functional, and evolutionary relationships have relied largely on complete(More)
The SOX family of transcription factors are found throughout the animal kingdom and are important in a variety of developmental contexts. Genome analysis has identified 20 Sox genes in human and mouse, which can be subdivided into 8 groups, based on sequence comparison and intron-exon structure. Most of the SOX groups identified in mammals are represented(More)
SOX proteins form a large family of transcription factors related by a DNA-binding domain known as the HMG box. Some 30 Sox genes have been identified in mammals and orthologues have been found in a wide range of other metazoans. Sox genes are highly conserved and are known to play important roles in embryonic development, including roles in gonadal,(More)
Sox8 is a member of the Sox family of developmental transcription factor genes and is closely related to Sox9, a key gene in the testis determination pathway in mammals. Like Sox9, Sox8 is expressed in the developing mouse testis around the time of sex determination, suggesting that it might play a role in regulating the expression of testis-specific genes.(More)
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