Goro Sekiguchi

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This article describes the prosthodontic treatment for a patient with cerebral palsy, in which complete dentures were successfully stabilized using treatment dentures. A 69-year-old edentulous male with no medical complications or mental retardation presented to our clinic. Opening movement of the jaw was possible, but a conspicuous mandibular shift towards(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine narrowing of the dental pulp cavity in patients undergoing long-term administration of steroids, by means of intraoral radiographs. The subjects were 20 patients under long-term steroid treatment (the steroid group), and 15 patients who were not receiving steroids (the non-steroid group), who visited the Clinic for(More)
We studied pitting of the dental enamel in cases of tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), by staining defect sites. Many pits were found in the enamel of the TSC patients, especially on the labial surface of the incisors. Although the pathogenesis is unclear, pits of this type have been reported in TSC patients, but in the author's experience, have never been(More)
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