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Associations of objective measures of trauma exposure with psychological sequelae following motor vehicle accidents (MVA) were examined in a Japanese population. Impact and injury severity of 93 MVA victims was assessed using on-the-scene in-depth investigations measured by the Injury Severity Score (ISS), barrier equivalent speed (BES), and change in(More)
Although the effectiveness of seat belts for reducing injury to rear seat passengers in traffic accidents has been well documented, the ratio of rear-seat passengers restrained by seatbelts remains lower than that of drivers or passengers in front seats. If passengers in rear seats do not wear seat belts, they may sustain unexpected injury to themselves(More)
We experienced successful rehabilitation of an elderly man after hip fracture (HF) who had had ipsilateral above-elbow amputation. He was a wounded soldier whose right arm had been amputated more than 60 yrs ago, and he had never used a prosthesis. He had been admitted to our hospital because of exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. During(More)
Abstract Battery lifetime is one of importance consideration in smart system with energy storage system, because it is shorter than others. Extended of battery lifetime can give benefit to entire system, especially to reduce cost. The lifetime is commonly estimated by State of Health (SOH). Decreasing of SOH indicates degradation of battery. It can be(More)
The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to create an index for a behavioral linkage analysis of serial sex crimes, and second, to construct a predictive model for the analysis. Data on 720 sex crimes (rape, indecent assault) committed by 360 offenders arrested between 1993 and 2005 throughout Japan were collected. The following seven behaviors were(More)
In Japan, where pedestrian deaths account for a third of road traffic fatalities, 7.4% of victims die from hit-and-run accidents. To identify determinants for drivers considering leaving an accident scene after hitting a pedestrian, environment-related, driver-related, and pedestrian-related factors were examined using Japanese national police data. Results(More)
The first aim of this study was to investigate predictors of future traffic crash involvement, taking into account bias in the handling of data for former drivers. The second aim was to compare characteristics of former drivers and crash-involved drivers in order to gain an understanding of appropriate driving cessation among older drivers. In all, 154(More)
About half of northeastern Asians lack ALDH2 (Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase 2), an enzyme involved in alcohol metabolism. People with deficient ALDH2 often experience facial flushing after drinking a small dose of alcohol. The present study examined the effect of a small dose of alcohol on driving-related behavior of northeastern Asians (Japanese).(More)
OBJECTIVES Much work remains to improve rehabilitative interventions for driving-under-the-influence (DUI) offenders. There is heterogeneity of patterns of alcohol use, personality, and driving behaviour within DUI offenders, but little is known about how their appraisal of DUI differs. This study investigated within-offender variability in DUI-specific(More)