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Towards Friendly Mixed Initiative Procedural Content Generation: Three Pillars of Industry
Three design pillars for PCG are identified using mixed-initiative interfaces that respect designer control, respect the creative process and respect existing work processes. Expand
Introducing: the game jam license
The GJL presented in this paper, aims to uphold the original ideas of game jams (sharing and knowledge transfer), while still allowing the original team to hold on to all rights to their creation, without any of the deficiencies of the CC family of licenses. Expand
Two Decades of Game Jams
The definition of game jam is discussed and two different taxonomies of game jams are proposed — a historical and a categorical — as well as the most active research areas within the game jam community such as the interplay and development with local communities. Expand
Virtual Creature Morphology ‐ A Review
A review of methods for procedurally generating the morphology of virtual creatures, including a historical perspective, with information on methods such as cellular automata, L‐systems and a focus on earlier pioneers in the field. Expand