Gorka Mendizabal

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The authors present 11,074 patients with head trauma managed in the Xoco and Juarez Hospitals from Mexico City, from 1980 through 1990. They report a frequency of cerebrospinal fluid fistulas in 1.3% of head trauma: 55% were anterior fossa fistulas and 39% middle fossa fistulas. The most common symptoms and the treatment are presented.
A special program for development and extension of health services was devised and implemented in order to improve the health conditions of the general population of the Peruvian Department of Puno and to strengthen the health sector’s technical and administrative structure in the South Altiplano Health Region serving this department (I). In accord with(More)
Microbial cells interact with the environment by adapting to external changes. Signal transduction pathways participate in both sensing and responding in the form of modification of gene expression patterns, enabling cell survival. The filamentous fungal-specific SltA pathway regulates tolerance to alkalinity, elevated cation concentrations and, as shown in(More)
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