Gorka Gallardo

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Building on lean and agile practices, DevOps means end-to-end automation in software development and delivery. Hardly anybody will be able to approach it with a cookbook-style approach, but most developers will benefit from better connecting the previously isolated silos of development and operations. Many DevOps tools exist that can help them do this.
Enterprise systems are quickly evolving from monolithic silos to distributed applications with service-oriented flexible usage schemes. To keep up, IT organizations must adapt their legacy systems to meet changing business challenges almost in real time, with no second chances. Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) have evolved to flexibly operate and(More)
With smartphones being the primary handheld device for more than a billion people, mobile Web apps are a necessity in both technical and commercial fields. There are several approaches to developing mobile Web apps, but given the fast speed of mobile software evolution, in which the leading companies become marginal in months and new gadgets continually(More)
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