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Population trends of Peregrine Falcon in Northern Spain – Results of a long-term monitoring project
Abstract We monitored Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) population in Bizkaia, Northern Spain, during two decades (1998–2017). Our population increased from 34 to 47 territorial pairs, as did otherExpand
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Factors affecting spontaneous vocal activity of Tawny Owls Strix aluco and implications for surveying large areas
To use vocalizations properly for the estimation of owl population size, it is important to identify how environmental factors affect owl calling behaviour. Here, we analyse how intrinsic andExpand
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A telemetry study to discriminate between home range and territory size in Tawny Owls
ABSTRACT Over a two-year period (2013–2015), we trapped and radio-tracked 20 Tawny Owls at two study sites in northern Spain. We obtained 4257 radio-tracking locations, 328 of which were associatedExpand
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Assessing the impact of extreme adverse weather on the biological traits of a European storm petrel colony
Climate change affects the climatic disturbance patterns and regimes and is altering the frequency and intensity of subtropical cyclones. These events can affect population dynamics of seabirdsExpand
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Testing Detectability of Radio-Tracked Tawny Owls Using Playback Broadcast Surveys: Designing Evidence-Based Surveys
Summary. Owls, like other secretive species, are difficult to detect. During the last few decades, protocols used for surveying owls have revealed the best methods to acquire accurate data aboutExpand