Gorik Verstraeten

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Recent global warming is acting across marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems to favor species adapted to warmer conditions and/or reduce the abundance of cold-adapted organisms (i.e., "thermophilization" of communities). Lack of community responses to increased temperature, however, has also been reported for several taxa and regions, suggesting(More)
Hemiparasitic plants can substantially change plant community structure; the drainage of host resources has a direct negative effect on host biomass and, as a consequence, promotes non-host biomass production (parasitism pathway); on the other hand, hemiparasitic litter inputs can enhance nutrient cycling which may have an indirect positive effect on both(More)
Tree species affect herb layer species through their effects on soil quality and light regime but their relative importance and interactions are insufficiently known. Pot experiment with soil taken from stands planted with tree species with contrasting effects on soil acidification, two light regimes and six forest perennials. The survival or growth of(More)
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