Gordon Wilson

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North-South municipal partnerships that are based on practitioner-to-practitioner collaboration are explicitly concerned with joint learning and knowledge production for more effective practice. Such partnerships assume a principle of mutuality – northern and southern partners are both assumed to gain from them, whether in similar or different ways.(More)
Dielectric performance of oil-pressboard insulation system used in high voltage direct current (HVDq convertor transformers can be affected by the presence of space charge. In this paper, the space charge behaviors in a 0.5mm thick oil film combined with a Imm thick impregnated pressboard have been investigated by the pulsed electroacoustic (PEA) technique(More)
Protein thiol-disulfide oxidoreduction plays an important role in redox regulation of cellular processes. Here we present a proteomic approach to visualize and map in vivo disulfide-bonded proteins in plants. A proteomic map of the disulfide-bonded proteins was achieved using 2D gel electrophoresis of Arabidopsis protein extract. Along with novel proteins(More)
We introduce a new class of compact grating-based spectral filters and demonstrate a two-port spectral filter that uses a single two-axis microelectromechanical systems tilt mirror to continuously tune the center wavelength across 36 nm and independently tune the passband 3-dB spectral width from 28 to 210 GHz. We also demonstrate the principle of a(More)
INTRODUCTION Active transport to school (ATS) is a convenient way to increase physical activity and undertake an environmentally sustainable travel practice. The Built Environment and Active Transport to School (BEATS) Study examines ATS in adolescents in Dunedin, New Zealand, using ecological models for active transport that account for individual, social,(More)
Drawing on the authors’ involvement in a European Union Erasmus project, this paper explores a new holistic approach to climate change education which uses as a source of active/social learning and knowledge construction the diversity of different disciplinary and sectoral approaches. We further argue for a corresponding pedagogy based on developing(More)