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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify an appropriate population and a balanced set of maternal and neonatal measures to drive a hospital network obstetric quality improvement program. STUDY DESIGN Sutter Health, a large Northern California health care system with>40,000 births annually, served as the site for this project. We chose to focus(More)
A total of 113 cases of open myelomeningocele operated on shortly after birth were followed up and the 80 survivors (71%) were assessed one and a quarter to seven and a half years later. Their disability was classified in terms of mobility, intelligence, continence, and major complications; these when combined provided an assessment of overall disability.(More)
OBJECTIVE Daily the lymphatic system returns several liters of fluid to the systemic circulation. Unlike blood, lymph is pumped against a pressure gradient. Because vessels in the systemic circulation are hyporesponsive to vasoconstrictor hormones during pregnancy, we decided to assess whether lymphatic pumping ability was decreased during pregnancy. (More)
The association of GB virus type C (GBV-C) virus and clinical disease is uncertain. The role of GBV-C and (Envelope) E2 antibody in children with liver transplants has not been determined. This study's aim is to examine the prevalence of GBV-C in children with liver transplants, to assess the relationship of GBV-C to posttransplant hepatitis, and to(More)
In 2011, a female Sumatran orangutan housed at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust became infertile following a massive antepartum hemorrhage in labor and the delivery of a stillborn infant. The placenta was infected with Pantoea sp. Hysterosalpingography (HSG) revealed blocked fallopian tubes, and pressurized fallopian tube perfusion was used to reverse(More)
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