Gordon W Bosker

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Compensatory mechanisms in below-knee amputee gait are necessary due to the functional loss of the ankle muscles, especially at higher walking speeds when the mechanical energetic demands of walking are greater. The objective of this study was to examine amputee anterior/posterior (A/P) ground reaction force (GRF) impulses and joint kinetics across a wide(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the influence of energy storage and return (ESAR) prosthetic feet and multi-axis ankles on ground reaction forces and loading asymmetry between lower limbs in transtibial amputees. DESIGN Subjects wore 2 different prosthetic feet with and without a multi-axis ankle and were analyzed using a blind repeated-measures multivariate(More)
Proper selection of prosthetic foot-ankle components with appropriate design characteristics is critical for successful amputee rehabilitation. Elastic energy storage and return (ESAR) feet have been developed in an effort to improve amputee gait. However, the clinical efficacy of ESAR feet has been inconsistent, which could be due to inappropriate(More)
There have been a variety of efforts demonstrating the use of solid freeform fabrication (SFF) for prosthetic socket fabrication though there has been little effort in leveraging the strengths of the technology. SFF encompasses a class of technologies that can create three dimensional objects directly from a geometric database without specific tooling or(More)
Selective laser sintering (SLS) is a powerful manufacturing technology that does not require part-specific tooling or significant human intervention and provides the ability to easily generate parts with complex geometric designs. The present work focuses on developing a manufacturing framework using this technology to produce subject-specific transtibial(More)
A very attractive advantage of manufacturing prosthetic sockets using solid freeform fabrication is the freedom to introduce design solutions that would be difficult to implement using traditional manufacturing techniques. Such is the case with compliant features embedded in amputee prosthetic sockets to relieve contact pressure at the residual limb-socket(More)
A pilot study was undertaken to evaluate the clinical acceptance of prosthetic limb sockets manufactured using solid freeform fabrication (SFF). The fabrication of sockets for amputees is a natural application for SFF. The socket is the part of the prosthetic limb that fits onto the amputee’s residual limb. Each socket is custom manufactured for each(More)
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