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As small animal optical imaging and tomography are gaining popularity for interrogating functional and molecular events in vivo, it becomes increasingly necessary to gain knowledge of the optical properties of the species investigated to better understand and describe photon propagation through their tissues. To achieve characterization of the spatial(More)
Estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERRgamma) regulates the perinatal switch to oxidative metabolism in the myocardium. We wanted to understand the significance of induction of ERRgamma expression in skeletal muscle by exercise. Muscle-specific VP16ERRgamma transgenic mice demonstrated an increase in exercise capacity, mitochondrial enzyme activity, and(More)
Electrophysiological investigations were performed in patients with inflammatory eye disease characterized by the presence of vitreous cells. The eyes were classified into four categories on the basis of fluorescein angiography: 1) no fluorescein leakage from retinal vessels, 2) fluorescein leakage from peripheral retinal vessels, 3) fluorescein leakage(More)
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