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Dynamic routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF essentially implement distributed algorithms for solving the <i>shortest paths problem.</i> The border gateway protocol (BGP) is currently the only interdomain routing protocol deployed in the Internet. BGP does not solve a shortest paths problem since any interdomain protocol is required to allow policy-based(More)
The Border Gateway Protocol, BGP, is currently the only interdomain routing protocol employed on the Inter-net. As required of any interdomain protocol, BGP allows policy-based metrics to override distance-based met-rics and enables each autonomous system to independently define its routing policies with little or no global coordination. Varadhan et al.(More)
We study the route oscillation problem [16, 19] in the Internal Border Gateway Protocol (I-BGP)[18] when route reflection is used. We propose a formal model of I-BGP and use it to show that even deciding whether an I-BGP configuration with route reflection can converge is an NP-Complete problem. We then propose a modification to I-BGP and show that route(More)
Motion planning algorithms have generally dealt with motion in a static environment, or more recently, with motion in an environment that changes in a known manner. We consider the problem of finding collision-free motions in a changeable environment. That is, we wish to find a motion for an object where the object is permitted to move some of the(More)