Gordon R. Neufeld

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• Nearly all theories of the mechanisms involved in hemorrhagic shock depend upon observations made in anesthetized, infra-human species. Since anesthetics can modify circulatory responses and since species differences undoubtedly exist, it was elected to perform the present study in conscious human volunteers. The results differ in certain important(More)
Subparalytic doses of s were given to three observers. Four major perceptions were reported: (1) displacement or repostttonmg,of the perceived visual world in the direction of a successfully executed eve movement: (2) jumping durmg a saccade; (3) mocmrent associated with drift of the eye; (4) increased effort associated with each eye movement. Paralytic(More)
We developed micropore membrane inlet mass spectrometer (MMIMS) probes to rapidly measure inert-gas partial pressures in small blood samples. The mass spectrometer output was linearly related to inert-gas partial pressure (r(2) of 0.996-1.000) and was nearly independent of large variations in inert-gas solubility in liquid samples. We infused six inert(More)
BACKGROUND Lung growth in children is associated with dramatic increases in the number and surface area of alveolated airways. Modelling studies have shown the slope of the alveolar plateau (phase III) is sensitive to the total cross-sectional area of these airways. Therefore, the influence of age and body size on the phase III slope of the volumetric(More)
The predictions of a single-path trumpet-bell numerical model of steady-state CO2 and infused He and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) washout were compared with experimental measurements on healthy human volunteers. The mathematical model used was a numerical solution of the classic airway convention-diffusion equation with the addition of a distributed source(More)
We evaluated a commercially available, double-indicator-dilution densitometric system for the estimation of pulmonary extravascular water volume in oleic acid-induced pulmonary edema. Indocyanine green and heavy water were used as the nondiffusible and diffusible tracers, respectively. Pulmonary extravascular water volume, measured with this system, was 67%(More)
A numerical solution of the convection-diffusion equation with an alveolar source term in a single-path model (SPM) of the lung airways simulates steady state CO2 washout. The SPM is used to examine the effects of independent changes in physiologic and acinar structure parameters on the slope and height of Phase III of the single-breath CO2 washout curve.(More)
Errors in measurement of exhaled gas volume, mixed expired oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, and inspired oxygen concentration and the presence of exhaled anesthetic agents cause errors in on-line calculated oxygen uptake that increase geometrically with increasing inspired oxygen concentration. No one has quantified the decrease in the magnitude of(More)