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(a) Currently much interest in oblique photography-partly triggered by the high-profile activities of Pictometry and its licensees and competitors. (b) This has involved the systematic coverage of urban areas using multiple oblique aerial cameras. Huge numbers of photographs are being generated – Pictometry operate 70 aircraft in the U.S.A.; Blom 13(More)
  • Beattie Ec, Stellwagen D, +11 authors Hellenbrand Kg
  • 2007
Literatuur Allen AR. Surgery of experimental lesion of spinal cord equivalent to crush injury of fracture dislocation of the spinal column. Allen jr BL, Ferguson RL, Lehman TR et al. A mechanistic classification of closed, indirect fractures and dislocations of the lower cervical spine. Bracken MB, Holford TD. Effects of timing of methylprednisolone or(More)
The solar wind was originally envisioned using a simple dipolar corona/polar coronal hole sources picture, but modern observations and models, together with the recent unusual solar cycle minimum, have demonstrated the limitations of this picture. The solar surface fields in both polar and low-to-mid-latitude active region zones routinely produce coronal(More)