Gordon M. Turner

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A wide range of examples of the application of magnetic measurements to environmental studies illustrate the advantages of magnetic techniques over conventional methods. Magnetic measurements, in both the field and the laboratory, are particularly useful for reconnaissance work because of their spee and flexibility, Quantification as well as simple(More)
Relationships between fructosamine and HbA1, and mean blood glucose over the previous 1-8 weeks, determined from self blood glucose monitoring with memory meters, were studied prospectively throughout 16 pregnancies in Type 1 diabetic women. Fructosamine correlated best (Spearman rank) with mean blood glucose over the previous 2 weeks in the first and(More)
Relationships between maternal glycaemia and neonatal birth weight were studied prospectively in 14 tightly controlled pregnant women with pre-existing type 1 diabetes mellitus. Maternal glycaemia throughout pregnancy was determined from daily self blood glucose (BG) monitoring with memory meters and fortnightly fructosamine (Fr) and glycated haemoglobin(More)
Terahertz spectroscopy represents a frontier in the field of biomedical imaging. It is possible to image complex objects that are opaque to visible and infrared light. In this paper, we have used THz imaging to reveal the structure inside a sunflower seed. We compare images based on time- and frequency-domain representations of the THz scans, and conclude(More)
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