Gordon M. Turner

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Pregnant subjects rated their memories as worse than normal and their ratings differed significantly from controls. Explicit memory tested by both recognition and recall was unimpaired. In contrast, implicit memory was significantly impaired in primigravidae. Impairment in implicit memory correlated with the subjective memory ratings. The dissociation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Heavy episodic drinking in college is an issue of major concern in our society. In the college setting, where alcohol misuse is prevalent, alcohol-related perceptions and automatic attentional biases may be important determinants in students' decisions to engage in risking drinking behaviors. The current study examined college students' attention(More)
A wide range of examples of the application of magnetic measurements to environmental studies illustrate the advantages of magnetic techniques over conventional methods. Magnetic measurements, in both the field and the laboratory, are particularly useful for reconnaissance work because of their spee and flexibility, Quantification as well as simple(More)
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