Gordon J. R. Povey

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The authors describe a robust channel prediction technique for a direct sequence spread spectrum (DS–SS) system in a fast fading environment. For improved performance the RAKE filter taps are coherently combined, hence accurate channel estimation is required. A FIR type linear prediction filter for each RAKE filter tap is used to estimate the channel(More)
This paper highlights inter-cell and inter-operator interference which can occur within a UTRA-TDD system. Interference simulation results show that when the network has frame synchronisation and operates with the same asymmetry in all cells, there will be interference between the base stations and adjacent mobiles only (i.e. MS-BS and BS-MS interference).(More)
The problem of coherent detection for a diversity receiver to combat the severe penalty of transmitting over a Rayleigh fast fading channel is addressed. The principle of persurvivor processing is employed to estimate the channel response for BPSK modulated signals. To achieve this, a symbol aided plus decision directed transmission scheme is used.(More)
The performance of a Doppler estimation scheme for CDMA land mobile satellite systems under realistic channel conditions is studied by computer simulation. The scheme can be applied in Doppler compensation of the received signals, to aid in the code acquisition under the severe Doppler conditions offered by the satellite channel. The proposed scheme is(More)
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