Gordon J Greer

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BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal nematodes constitute a major cause of morbidity and mortality in grazing ruminants. Individual animals or breeds, however, are known to differ in their resistance to infection. Gene expression profiling allows us to examine large numbers of transcripts simultaneously in order to identify those transcripts that contribute to an(More)
BACKGROUND Currently most pastoral farmers rely on anthelmintic drenches to control gastrointestinal parasitic nematodes in sheep. Resistance to anthelmintics is rapidly increasing in nematode populations such that on some farms none of the drench families are now completely effective. It is well established that host resistance to nematode infection is a(More)
The surface of adult Schistosoma japonicum-like (Malaysian) was studied by scanning electron microscopy. The basic pattern of surface microtopography is similar to other strains of S. japonicum as previously reported. However, among male member there are some unique differences in the types, number and distribution of surface papillae and morphology of(More)
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