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The Morality of Freedom.
The problem of political freedom. Part 1: the bounds of authority authority and reason the justification of authority the authority of states. Part 2: anti-perfectionism neutral political concern theExpand
Contemporary Social Philosophy
What is Society? Society and the Individual Individualism Versus Holism Social Justice Distributive and Retributive Justice Social Equality and Affirmative Action Health Care Provision MoralExpand
E‐learning: a philosophical enquiry
This paper focuses on successes and failures in the history of technology. It attempts to assess the wisdom of possible future courses of action with regard to technology in e‐learning and education.
Music and Autism.
Can music in and of itself tell us anything about the mind of the person who composes or performs it? This question is of general philosophical interest, but it takes on more than philosophicalExpand
Theories of Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy with a Selection of Classic Readings by Gordon Graham
Chapter 1: Ethics, Truth and Reason 1.1 Right and Wrong 1.2 Relativism and Subjectivism 1.3 Proof and Probability 1.4 Moral Realism 1.5 Moral Rationalism 1.6 Objectivism Chapter 2: Contractualism 2.1Expand
The value of music
Why should we value music? What is important about it, and what can we hope to get from it? These questions are related but not identical to familiar questions about the nature of music. In thisExpand
Only the Promise of Happiness
Philosophy of the Arts: An Introduction to Aesthetics
1. Art and Pleasure: incl. Hume, Mill, Kant, Gadamer 2. Art and Emotion: Tolstoy, Croce, Collingwood 3. Art and Understanding 4. Music and meaning: incl. the implications of digital technology 5.Expand
John Witherspoon and the Founding of the American Republic
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